Spring Collection arrives March 15th

majr uniquely celebrates that which exists at the intersection of art and technology. Our first artist collection for Spring 2023 represents the beating heart of this celebration; curated to recognize what is happening now by emerging alt pop artists that are defining the future of music.

The theme for this collection is ghostfade. When technology allows us to abandon each other with the swipe of a finger, we invite the listener to ask what can be discovered about the self through the power of connection and disconnection? In the wake of being ghosted, people are left in disconnection with both themselves and each other. What new strength and vulnerability is available when we’re left to heal our own wounds?

A kind of uber playlist, ghostfade recognizes, shares and explores the connection between vulnerability, loss and personal growth.

Each artist in this collection uniquely expresses an essential story that touches on loss and growth. Here are a few of the incredibly talented artists we’re fortunate to be featuring over the next 4 months.

  1. DBMK
    New York-based alt-pop project, DBMK, aims to create underdog anthems for a new generation. Their songs explore love, loss, joy and misery with compassion and curiosity.

Every artist in this collection represents incredible talent.

We hope you enjoy the music and the stories behind how the music came to life.

Thanks -jamie

Spring 2023 arrives March 15th



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